Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Whew, a day off!  To put our riding into perspective, and for all my Chico, CA friends, each of our last 7 days of riding have been equivalent to starting in downtown Chico and riding to Paradise and back three times in a row up the Honey Run road!  So today was a very welcomed relief.  The town of Damascus in a nice little town and is at the crossroads of the Virginia Creeper Trail and the Appalachian Trail.  The Creeper Trail originally was used by Native Americans, and then by Daniel Boone, and then later by the railroad to haul timber.

So the town caters to hikers, bikers and long distance backpackers...and, as it turns Trans-Am bicyclists.

I did pretty much nothing today except laundry, breakfast, Post Office, lunch and a little shopping (very little) and sight seeing.  

Our lodging is call the "Between The Trails Inn",and is quite comfortable.

I'll probably have more to say tomorrow after we ride.


  1. Ollie, get a great nights sleep. By the way, the Olala Berries are ripe. We picked 3 1/2 gals. Mond. and 6 1/2 gal. Tues. We will bake you a pie when you get home.

    Keep sending the pictues. Loved the little train.

  2. Hey Ollie,

    Keep up the great work! We are all riding along with you in spirit, as none of us could actually do what you are doing...

    Our prayers are with you on this tremendous journey of a lifetime.

  3. Nice! I was there recently (Abingdon VA's Creeper parking lot is 14 miles from home. Damascus is a nice break between the more scenic (IMHO) portion of the trail (Abingdon to Damascus) and much more traveled (Damascuc to Whitetop). When there last for the first time,I rode from Abingdon to Whitetop and back (all33.4 miles each way),which is my longest ride ever (my normal longish rides are 35-50 miles). Had I been there,I'd have surely waved,rode with,and offered a cooler full of cold drinks :)

    The DC

  4. The little train you took a picture of came from the now defunked dye plant. It was the yard engine. The employees called it Ol' Halsey. My grandpa worked at the dye plant.