Saturday, May 26, 2012


I'll call this the "B & B" day. That stands for beautiful but BRUTAL! 73 miles in 95 degree heat and 75% humidity. It's hard to keep hydrated in this kind of weather. We were all pretty toasted when we arrived at our destination. Having said that...we left our chalet and cruised the Parkway for another 15 miles of climbing. Then our turn off was down a screaming 4 mile descent to the the town of Vesuvius. We had to stop about every 15 to 20 miles to re-hydrate and snack. Virginia Military Institute is located in the town of Lexington and is a beautiful example of a military college, with large sweeping grounds, cannon artifacts, and old brick fortress-looking buildings. One of our stops was in the town of Buchanan, (pronounced "buck-cannon") where we found a soda bar right out of the 1950's. It was complete with Juke Box and "soda jerk"! We listened to Elvis and the Everly Brothers while we drank multiple glasses of ice water. Some road signs are just too great to pass up as well. Our lodging tonight is The Bethel Church Camp, and we are in separate bunk houses. The camp fed us dinner and will feed us breakfast as well.

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