Saturday, May 26, 2012


Wow, don’t let the short 48 mile day fool you…it was a very tough day! It was 90 degrees and 70%+ humidity with 5000 ft of climbing! Some parts of the road were so steep that every pedal stroke tried to lift the front tire off the pavement! But, it was a beautiful, beautiful ride, starting a great view of Virginia State University (designed and built by Thomas Jefferson) and with incredible views into both valleys from the Blue Ridge Parkway. As we approached the Parkway, in the little town of Afton, we visited the “Cookie Lady”, June Curry. June has been entertaining bicyclists since the original Bi-Centennial ride in 1976. She offers free water and cookies to all who stop by her house. At 91 years of age, she was still very pleased that we stopped by to talk and fill our water bottles. Mike, one our riders, was on that original 1976 bicycle ride and had a photo of himself and June taken when he was on that original ride. She was very excited to get the photo. Her house is a collectors dream/nightmare…take your pick. She has bicycle related stuff everywhere! As I stood there talking to her, I half expected a TV crew to show up and start filming. It was my turn to cook tonight. We had fish tacos, margaritas, and fresh guacamole and chips. Our lodging is a chalets at the Royal Oaks Cabins, complete with hot tub…it is right off the Parkway at Love Gap. Got to get to bed, we have a very long day tomorrow.

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