Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This was a rather nice riding day as the temperature was in the 80's and the cloud cover made for spectacular scenery.  We did have some major climbs (as usual) but once you get into a rhythm the time and distance goes by quickly enough.  Although our last climb was over 10 miles long, it was steady and less steep than some of the previous climbs.

 We stopped for our second breakfast in a town named Rural Retreat at "Joey's Country Kitchen". and learned that the Dr. Pepper soft drink was invented in a barn across the street from the restaurant.  (sorry Waco, Texas)  At least, that's what the waitress at the Kitchen told us.

 Parts of the road were shared with giant logging trucks...it's kind of scary to see one coming around a corner at you...but all is well, and the drivers around here are very polite when passing.

As we were riding along, we passed a group of Canada Geese..the dominant male was protecting his flock and was unafraid of us and started out after poor Judy!  The scene was hysterical but could have been not so funny.  Judy actually out-ran the old boy, but you can see that it was pretty close.

 I rode the last 12 miles of today's ride on the "Virginia Creeper Trail".  The trail is an abandoned railroad right of way that has been converted into a hiking and biking trail.  The gravel trail was a wonderful to end the day, and I got my mt. bike "fix" for the day.

Thank goodness we are sleeping indoors tonight...and since tomorrow is a rest day (whew, and much needed), tomorrow night as well. After we arrived in Damascus, the sky opened up with a huge thunder storm, with buckets of rain water.   I got lucky with bedding assignments and drew a separate room with a full size bed!!!

Yahoo!  Post office and laundry tomorrow on the day off.


  1. Yeah babe enjoy the comfy bed. Rest up for the next leg. I did have to sign up a google acct to comment. I don't know how to do it otherwise.
    Love you!

  2. Slept like a baby till 7:30 Very late for me/us. Strolling around town today and enjoying the sights. Saw a beautiful pair of Palliated Woodpeckers this morning!

    1. Ok, how many Palliated have you seen now??? I only have 2 to my name. How wonderful and what special country u are getting to see.

      Three cheers for the bed. You deserve it!

      Susan Shaul

  3. Hi Ollie!
    Just testing my google account to see if I can post something. Looks like you are having the time of your life. Great photos and comments. Be safe and enjoy the ride!!
    Love you!

  4. Hi Ollie-
    These comments and pictures are absolutely beautiful! What a great way to see the states, I am envious, to say the least. Things are going well here in La Pine - my grant application Notice Of Intent to ODOT for a bike ped pathway project connecting north and south La Pine is almost complete with letters of support from the City and Deschutes County coming my way Monday. Keep up the good work back there and take care - don't let any geese or goats chase you off the roadway! See you - Joan