Monday, May 28, 2012


Even though today was only 56 miles, I really struggled for the first 40 miles. We left the Bethel Church Camp at 6:15 AM to avoid the heat, and for the most part we were successful, but it had 4060 feet of climbing, and by the time we arrived in Christiansburg, it was again 92 degrees with gi-normous humidity! Finally after 4 water bottles and a Dr Pepper, I got it going. Great scenery along the way…so much so that I’m running out of superlatives for the back-roads of Virginia. We came upon a west-bound recumbent cyclist who was hauling a two-wheeled trailer, and was planning to do the whole Trans-Am. He was LOADED and having a hard time, but had the determination to make it happen. I know that isn’t the “Bible Belt”, but around every corner there is another church…some big and many small. Also, the local artists display their work in their front yards. We’re still on the “76” route, which is signed all the way through Virginia, and quite easy to follow…although Simon, our rider from London England, still manages to get off track. I rode with Huey today…he’s a retired UPS driver who, I found out today, was a Ferrier and has a BA in micro-biology. Beautiful horse ranches abound out here, with huge spreads and perfect landscaping. Tonight our “lodging” is the “Youth Room” at the Methodist Church here in Christiansburg. Yahoo, it’s air-conditioned! Wow, Nicole discovered an Aquatic Center with “waterslide”, so we all went there to shower (no shower at the church) and then we all ended up in the pool and the slide. By the way, have you been noticing that so many of the town names end in either “ville” or “burg”? Williamsburg…Troutville…Daleville…Catawba (oops)…Christiansburg. No inter-net service at the church, so I’ll walk across the street to the Burger King to post this. Tomorrow is another day…

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  1. Awesome place to ride,IMHO. I've been to Blacksburg MANY times over the years to ride some of my favorite mtn biking trails at the Pandapas Pond Rec Area,just off US460,and often dipped into Christiansburg for a warm meal after a day's riding...beautiful country :)

    The DC