Saturday, June 2, 2012


Simon made crepes for breakfast today…but it looked like “Pannekoeken” (the Dutch pancakes) to me.

Our route today was through some of the most beautiful Virginia back roads that we have seen in the last 11 days.  We cycled along mountain streams, and through trees so thick that they formed a canopy over the road.

The temperature has changed, so at 7:00am this morning, when we started riding, it was actually chilly…quite an unexpected but a very welcomed change.  I stopped at a little “mom and pop” store with the name; “Dawg On It” and got a drink.

Every once in a while we cycle past a reminder that we are still in the Land of Dixie where they still proudly fly the Confederate flag.   In a typical day we’ll do a lot of little climbs…they’re steep, but usually short. But today we had a couple of four mile climbs that were steep, and seemed to never end…they went on and on…and each had multiple false horizons.  I used my “granny gear” a lot today. All in all it added up to 4,300 feet of climbing!

In case you’re inclined to “Google” our route today, here it is: Damascus to Meadowview to Hayters Gap to Rosedale to Honaker to our destination; Harris Park in Council.  Even though our ride covered only 53 miles, I for one, was very glad to see the campground.

About the only thing in this little town is this community park and swimming pool, complete with showers…Yahoo!  The park has a bunch of wooden play structures for the kids.  But, thunder showers are forecast for tonight, so I’m going to sleep in the “Ark”.  I’m sure the grass is softer, but I don’t feel like setting up my tent, and besides…I might never get another chance to sleep in an “ark”.

Dinner was pasta and meat balls with 8 meat balls for each of us.   Desert was “soccer ice cream!  Put the ice, salt, and ice cream components into the big, plastic ball…kick it around for ½ hour…and, cream!

Tomorrow we cross into the state of Kentucky!

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