Saturday, June 2, 2012


Today tied for the second worst day I’ve ever spent on a bicycle!

Pam knows what the worst day was!  Today we covered only 45 miles, but with torrential rains, slick narrow roads, no or little shoulders, and with coal trucks coming and going on the roads all day made for some scary bicycling.  

At one point, the rain was coming down in sheets with fierce blowing winds, so that it was prudent to get off the road and fast!  IT JUST WASN'T SAFE!  We saw a carport at Anderson’s Body Shop and turned in to stand under the carport for a spell and wait for the rain to abate a little.  Henry, the owner of the shop came out and befriended us.  Brought us all towels, had his wife, Patricia, brew up a pot of steaming coffee, and invited us soaked, weary cyclists into his home.   Ah, yes. Southern hospitality still lives in Kentucky!

We spent an hour and a half with them and they seemed genuinely disappointed when we left.  Now then, our group is three for three camping out…that is…every night we’ve camped out it has rained cats-and-dogs!  As I posted last night, I slept in the “Ark” and when the rain came, the wind came with it. The wind blew the rain in through the windows of the ark, so I continually had to shift my sleeping bag and pad back and forth throughout the night to attempt to stay dry.   Notice, I said “attempt”.  I got wet, but I stayed warm, so I stayed in the ark all night.   I only stayed there one night…Noah and his family had to spend forty nights!  (I can’t imagine)  The good news is that today we cycled out of Virginia and into the state of Kentucky!  Yahoo, our second state!

So far my computer shows that we ridden a total of 655 miles.  Our lodging tonight is inside the Freda Harris Baptist Center gymnasium in the town of Lookout, KY.   When I arrived,  little 6 year old named Kelly, came up to and said: I found a gift for you”.  She then handed me a rusty bolt that she had just found in the driveway…I thanked her profusely and took her picture…she needed no coaxing to put her arm around me.

They are feeding us tonight, (pizza) so I do not have to cook tonight, but will cook tomorrow.  We passed through such towns as Davenport, Bee, (really) Birchleaf, Haysi, Breaks, Elkhorn City, Ashcamp, Hellier, and finally Lookout.  On the road again tomorrow…I hope it doesn’t rain.

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  1. I loved in Council a few years ago (only a few months)...ugh,rain on those roads on a monday-Saturday (trucks dont normally run on Sundays) would NOT be my favorite way to spend a day's ride either,my friend. Was a coold read about,none-the-less,and glad you're still safely chugging along :)

    The Disabled Cyclist