Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back with the peeps, in Oregon, Baker City

 The Honeymoon Suite
 Oh the joyful bathroom

 Ready Set Go
 Simon on the sprint
 Ubald on the final run

 The judges
 The winners!
Hi everyone I'm delighted to say I'm back with Dads peeps! I arrived in The cute city of Baker City, Oregon today, thanks to my good friend Chuck Dake and his awesome airplane! Three hours in the air and Bam - and I was here, bike, bag, wine, and hugs. Beautiful weather and a smooth flight. Had a great lunch with the group and Nicole put me right to work, repairing the bikes for the Olympic challenge of Netherlands and England in the parking lot of the beautiful And elegant Oregon Trail Hotel.....$39 per night! My fears of feeling like an "outsider" were quickly alleviated by the warmth and smiles of Dads friends. I love hearing the stories of this big adventure for them. Absolutely amazing. Will be learning the "rules" of the group, how to cook, how to stay out of the way, and how to contribute. I'm excited to be here, exhausted and trying to be private with my emotions. Dads spirit and smile are with me. His friends are amazing, so grateful to be here with them. I can't figure how to post photos of my day, you'll have to imagine! (maybe I should have practiced a bit before coming?)

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