Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day, hot , Mitchell after 90 miles

Wow, what a day! Left the bustling town of Prairie City this morning with our jackets on, and 90 miles later we were dying from the heat and gasping for water! Wonderful breakfast at the only diner in town, then off through beautiful valleys of fresh cut alphalfa hay, stunning. If you like barns, this was a day to see beautiful barns, lots of em! Rode through John Day (who's John Galt), Dayville, Mt Vernon and now in Mitchell - all of them accumulating a population of around 3,000! As the day went on, it got hotter and hotter. We visited the John Day Fossil beds, who knew? Some of the best fossils in the world are located right here in Oregon!! Then another long, hot, dry, steep...(and did I mention hot) ride through the "desert" to this little teeny town of Mitchell. Population 640.

We are staying at the most charming little Hotel, Oregon Hotel. I have The Duke watching over my bed, the ex mayor is our inn keeper, and the bikers are hanging out at the only bar next door. But the highlight of the day (besides the final dismount of my bike) was the sunset trip to the Painted Hills, a beautiful rock formation about 10 miles from the hotel.

 My breakfast spot

 On our way, notice the jackets

Beautiful contrasts

 Finally, on the way down the final hill

Business Loop?  what business??
 My Room
 My Guardian
 This is Mitchell, all of it.....
 The Painted Hills....

 Up the canyons, forever...

 Shoe Tree!

 Dad's memorial program on the van....

Great day, hard day, my ass is still killing me, but we are all laughing and enjoying each other. Everyone is starting to feel the end of a journey, on many different levels. The group is great, I'm new enough that I don't hate anyone.....yet, and looking forward to the 68 mile trip to Redmond tomorrow. Now if can just get an extra pad for my seat tomorrow?? Ug.

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