Friday, August 3, 2012

Day # 1 into Oregon

My first day as part of the Trans Am group. What a great group of people. I'll admit it, I was a bit nervous. I'm the newbie here, and they have ridden 3000 miles together! Started at 7am after bustin outta the beautiful and elegant Oregon Trail Hotel (oh yea!) Rode 69m to Prairie City through some beautiful canyons and valleys. But there is NO ONE out here!

Rode with Gina for most of the day, the hot shots (Ubald and Simon)were too much for me! Getting to know these amazing people as fast as possible, and it not hard, they are great. In Prairie City now, cute town in the middle of nowhere, but pretty depressed. Population 917, most of the shops are boarded up and it's hard to know to know how they are able to sustain commerce here. Very VERY friendly to cyclists and more and more cyclist are coming through here.There are more bars here than any other business, go figure.

Have to admit, soon after the ride started did the tears, made it hard to ride for awhile. I've been living "through" these guys for 2 months now, keeping Dad's spirit alive, and now I'm in it and its almost over. BUT, it's not over yet!!!!! :)

I feel very lucky to be here

 Ubald at the Rest Stop
 Nicole and Gina coming in

 On the decent into Prairie City
 My Hotel in Prairie City
 This is Rush hour in PC

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