Monday, August 6, 2012

Day #3, Mitchell - Redmond, global warming??

Turns out I grossly over exaggerated the population of Mitchell, by about 770 people! The population of Mitchell is 170, complete with a chamber of commerce. Not sure if it would be as charming if we weren't on bikes, so happy to just have a simple and quaint lodge. But it was charming nonetheless.

Left Mitchell at the normal hour of 7am, unless you are Huey, Greg, or Monica (who always leave early). Straight out of the shoot, it was 16 miles UP. MILES UP! Actually it wasnt too bad, beautiful scenery as the climate changed from High desert to alpine trees and grasses. Riding through pretty valleys and awesome ranches (lots of barns!) Scored an awesome Mexican resturaunt in Prineville (earned big points for the new guy) before chugging up another mtn in the boiling heat, easily 90 degrees all the way to Redmond. The group stayed at the Aquatic Center in Redmond in their tents and I went and checked into my elegant and beautiful room at Motel 6 about 2 miles down the road. As we ate dinner, some dark clouds rolled in, dropping the temp from 90, to 70 in about 20 minutes. Awesome lighting show and eventually the rain did come for a bit, but not before a great dinner from Ubold and Huey.

Had an opportunity to talk with the group about Dad and his final couple days, and our experiences in Kentucky. I told them about the great memorial we had for him and we shared some great stories. I also revealed that part of dad is actually with us, as I have been carrying some of his ashes with me the whole time. That started the tears, but good to know that Ollie is actually traveling with us. It's only been 4 days with these guys and I enjoy their company so much - i love their stories! I came here to finish Dad's ride for him....I'm having a ball and enjoying Every Fantastic Inch with this group. Oregon deserves more exploration, it's beautiful and always changing. Not many photos from today, hard to take photos of climbing and climbing, but another fantastic day.

 The ENTIRE town of Mitchell...
 Climbing, and Climbing
Leaving Prineville

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