Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dear Friends of Dad.......

The final countdown is coming up, where Dad's riding buddies will be finishing the ride that Dad wanted to finish in his life here. They've crossed the United States on their bikes!!!! Through rain storms, wind storms, and blistering heat - they've done it!!!  It's been so fun to follow them across the country, with their blogs and facebook postings!  I wish Dad could have been with them!!

I am delighted to tell you that I will be joining the group in Oregon and finishing the last state with them - riding Dad's bike and finishing with the group at the Pacific Ocean on Aug 8th. (Erin's birthday)

After 2000+ miles together, the group is much faster than I so they'll have to wait up for me - but I can't wait to finish Dad's journey for him.  I hope you'll follow on this Blog and on his Facebook page as we finish the final leg of the journey. 

Dad's buddies at his Memorial, visiting the Chico bike Museum....and making fools of themselves :)

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